Over the 4 years that the CSA West Michigan has existed, we have dedicated ourselves to supporting charity organizations throughout West Michigan. One charity that we have supported frequently is Kids Food Basket, a wonderful West Michigan based charity that is doing an amazing work helping provide lunches and dinners for kids in need.

From their website, Kids’ Food Basket exists to increase access to healthy food for children and families. Our core belief is that food is a right, not a privilege. Because that is not yet a reality, we mobilize human and financial resources to break down barriers that cause food insecurity. Our services include our flagship Sack Supper program, community-driven farming, family food provision and educational programming. Collectively, we are working toward realizing a hunger-free West Michigan for all.

If you would like to make a financial donation to the Kids’ Food Basket you can do with our link we had created. All money goes directly to the charity from that link.


If you would like to donate food items in person, you can do so at our Holiday Spectacular event on December 7th. They are currently accepting fruit cups or pouches, pudding cups, meat sticks (i.e. Slim Jims) or 8lbs. or XL brown lunch bags. These are currently the only items they are accepting but they will have a table at the event where you can drop items off.

We look forward to ending our year by once again showing how generous our West Michigan community is!